Inkling Design Studio Terms & Conditions

1. Services and Goods

By engaging Inkling Design Studio, LLC’s services you, the Client, are subject to all terms specified by the following terms and conditions. 

2. Fees and Costs

Fees for designs, services and/or products may increase or decrease depending on changes made to elements of the designs and printed materials. The Client shall be responsible for any adjusted fees. Inkling Design Studio will notify the Client of any such change in associated fees, costs or expenses before proceeding with production.

3. Rush Charges

A rush request is any job whose deadline is less than 2 weeks (14 days) from the date of initial inquiry. The fees for Inkling Design Studio’s design services are based on normal and reasonable production schedules. Knowledge of Client’s deadline is imperative to be able to provide an accurate estimate of fees. Rush requests may be considered but will be subject to a billable Rush Rate of fifty dollars ($50.00) per hour for design time. Rush jobs are usually subject to extra fees associated with expedited shipping. Inkling Design Studio maintains the right to refuse any rush request.

4. Payment

Before any job can proceed to production status, full payment of the estimated and agreed upon price for design services and goods is due. If a balance remains, it shall be due before printing and shipping of final product. Payment is accepted in the following forms: Cash, Check or Credit Card. 

5. Proofs

Electronic Proofs will be provided. Custom Orders will receive three (3) proofs and two (2) revisions. Any revision requiring a proof exceeding the aforementioned amounts will be subject to a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per proof. Pre-designed orders shall receive one (1) proof. Any changes or adjustments beyond the allotted amounts will be subject to a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per proof.

6. Client Responsibility

It is the sole responsibility of the client to proofread all proofs and provided proofing material for accuracy (including, but not limited to, spelling, correct information, punctuation, grammar, etc.). The client shall be held responsible for any such errors found after the final proof has been approved, and will be subject to any costs associated with reprinting and additional design time or rush fees.

Envelope Addressing: the Client is responsible for providing accurate information to be used for envelope addressing. Information must be provided in the form in which you desire it to be printed. Inkling Design Studio is not responsible for incorrect addresses, misspelled names, abbreviations, or any other error that renders the piece undeliverable. If envelope re-printing is necessary due to incorrect information provided by the Client, additional postage, materials and labor will be billed to the Client. 

7. Copyright

Inkling Design Studio maintains copyright of any and all designs created for the Client. Such designs should not be reproduced, redistributed, or reused in any way by the client. Inkling maintains the right to resell any used or unused portion of the designs.

8. Nature of Product/Variance

Custom paper goods are handcrafted and slight variations may exist. Such variations shall not be considered an error and will not warrant replace or a refund. Each computer screen is calibrated differently and colors may appear differently than what is on your screen. Factors outside of Inkling’s control may cause colors to print differently than the electronic proof. Inkling is not responsible for any such variance. 

9. Cancellations

Cancellation before initial proof is submitted to Client: Inkling Design Studio will retain 50% of the total fee. Cancellation after initial or final proof has been submitted to Client: Client will receive no refund for Design Fee or billable hours. Client will pay for any billable hours in excess of what has already been billed and will be responsible for any materials ordered pertaining to that specific job. If designs have already been sent to the printer, no refund will be granted. Payment of any outstanding portion of the fee due at the time of cancellation shall be made within 10 days of notification of cancellation.

10. Communication

Whenever possible, please communicate via Email. This will allow Inkling Design Studio to maintain a current and accurate record of all correspondence between Designer and Client. It also alleviates the possibility of confusion and miscommunication due to various methods and avenues of communication. Emails will be answered within 12 to 24 hours on business days.

11. Business Hours

Inkling Design Studio’s business hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm. Please be respectful of these hours. All attempts of communication before or after hours is subject to a delay in reply. Inkling Design Studio will make every attempt possible to accommodate Client’s schedule outside of normal business hours if needed, but such accommodation is not guaranteed, and possibly subject to hourly meeting fees.